The artist illustrating one of his earliest works of art

Alberto Gori (1982 - Pistoia, Italy) is a visual artist specializing in videomaking and graphic design.

He studied fine arts in Florence and visual arts in Bologna, then he expanded his knowledge about multimedia art and graphic design in Amsterdam.

In his artistic works he makes use of mixed media - especially mass consumer electronic technologies - in a a way often incongruous to their ordinary purpose, aiming to combine the irrational aspect of science with the rational aspect of art.
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open BRON

This work was commissioned by the contemporary jeweler Ruudt Peters, in occasion of his retrospective exhibition Bron, and was realized in consonance with the complete Ĺ“uvre of the dutch artist.
The video took its root from clips of bursting thermal mud recorded by Peters during his trip to Japan, a direct reference to the notion of Bron (source, in Dutch).
Gori used those recordings as a sort of canvas, layered then with found footage, analogically selected – much like how a computer algorithm would do – from a public Internet Archive, aiming to represent all the things of the world as continuously going to and coming from the Source.
Text by Chumeng Weng